ATX 24 Type-S Wake Boat Review Video

Large, bold, capable and comfortable, all facets of watersports can be enjoyed with this vessel, a boat that is loaded with a 57-gallon fuel tank and loads of internal ballast. Up to 18 passengers can enjoy this 24-foot sporty and stylish wake boat, and speakers all around the boat along with comfy seating make her a joy for riders of all ages and skill. Most of all this wake boat from ATX Surf Boats provides great value while still unleashing some serious swells.

Above: Boat Trader’s Ryan McVinney and Toby Boese from ATX Surf Boats give viewers an in-depth tour of the 2022 ATX Surf Boats 24 Type-S.

ATX’s Go System and TAPS 3T

Thanks to ATX’s innovative GO System, drivers can simply just push GO and you’ll get barrels right out of the box. The GO System automatically sets all cruise control and TAPS 3T settings for surfing, wakeboarding or skiing, and all of this technology is built right into the ATXperience Control Center for an easy operating experience.

Hull Design And Performance

2023 ATX 24 Type-S Wake Boat

Above: A 2023 ATX 24 Type-S Wake Boat on the water running. Photo by ATX Surf Boats.

Versatility and simplicity are also built right into its core thanks to the patented Convex V Hull, TAPS 3T, and over 3,500 lbs of ballast. 3T means 3 TONS of pressure and the software behind the machine will dial in the boat.

ATX Surf Boats come standard with the 6.2L Indmar 400 Raptor Engine, which provides a great balance of torque and a smooth, relaxed ride. These engines come “closed cooled” standard. Closed cooling keeps lake water out of the engine, maintains consistent engine temperatures, better fuel economy, performance and eliminates corrosion—all of which leads to longer engine life. The torque-packed Raptor engines allow owners to push the weight demands of the sport with low RPM, faster acceleration and less time at the gas pump. Combining the overhead cam engine design with the Indmar IVD Transmission results in an engine that runs smoother and quieter. “Silent Surf Exhaust” lets boaters enjoy increased air quality in the back of the boat or the back of the wave and the Splash Guard reduces the splashing, spray and flowing of water onto the motor and reduces corrosion. The Splash Guard also keeps heat away from the alternator and intake, in turn keeping the temperatures down

Wake Boat Tower

The first and only electric tower in its class, the Type-E Tower has simplicity at its core. With a push of a button, Type-E Tower will completely lower in just 7 seconds, making it the perfect fit whether going under a bridge, lifting it on a dock or covering the boat after you call it a day. The tower switch is right under the tow point, making it easy to access. This heavy duty tower is built using robust materials — 2.5” aluminum tubing and Delrin plastic and actuators that withstand over 4,500 lbs of force. Lowering on a single hinge point, the tower is solid, secure and rattle-free.

Owners can choose to package up the Type-E Tower with the board storage bimini and enjoy over 8’ of sun and rain protection. Also available are SkyLock Board Racks, billet SwivelShock Racks or the Clamp 4rce Racks. These board racks make it easy to stow and go.

Creature Comforts

Sit back and soak up the sun with the built-in transom seating, standard reversible seats, and drop-in cockpit, and sunpad seatbacks—all of which are at the top of the market in the value segment.

Length: 24′ (7.32 m)
Beam: 102″ (259.08 cm)
Draft: 29″ (73.66 cm)
Seating/Passenger Capacity: 18
Weight: 5,160 lb (2341 kg)
Ballast: 3,750 lb (1700 kg)
Fuel Capacity: 57 gal (215.77 l)
Hull: Convex V
Storage Capacity: 116.57 ft³ (3.30 m³)

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