Best Aluminum Boats of 2023

Whether you’re interested in a brand new bass boat, an inexpensive and simple jon boat is more to your liking, or a dual console “fish-n-ski” design fits the bill for your needs, one thing is for sure: an aluminum boat will be easier to afford, easier to tow, and easier to maintain than a fiberglass one. You have almost countless options to choose from, and for the 2023 model year there are plenty of hot new aluminum boats that might grab your eye. We looked at the crowd and these are our top 10 picks for aluminum boats in 2023:

2023 Alumacraft Trophy 205

Alumacraft was acquired by BRP a few years ago and has been busy revamping their model line ever since. For 2023 the Trophy 205 is one of their top-of-line open-water fishing boats, featuring a twin-plated hull, the protection of a full windshield, rod stowage in the bow and portside for rigs up to 10 feet long, and two 18-gallon livewells (one in the aft deck and the second in the fore deck). The boat can handle up to 300 horses on the transom, and has a whopping 45-gallon fuel capacity for long runs across big waters.

alumacraft trophy 205
Serious power and serious capabilities are in store on the Alumacraft Trophy 205. Photo via Willey’s Marine, Inc.

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2023 Crestliner MX 21

If you want an aluminum bass fishing rig that’s as big and powerful as a prime fiberglass bass boat — but costs a lot less — the 2023 Crestliner MX 21 will be of interest. The first MX 21 was introduced in 2021 and it proved quite popular thanks to highlights like the brawn to take up to 250 horses on the transom. Plus, it carries its beam far forward to provide more deck space than most boats the same size. Features and fittings compare with any fiberglass boat out there, and the Crestliner comes rigged and ready to fish with goodies like a 45-gallon livewell with a divider and timer, twin rod boxes, a massive tackle stowage area in the bow, forward electronics with a recessed foot control for the trolling motor, and a six-inch jackplate. Construction is also a cut above with 0.125” thick aluminum and wood-free decking. Plus, this boat sports a slick urethane paint job that can compete with gel coat for eye-appeal.

crestliner mx 21
Speed and agility are in the mix, when it comes to the Crestliner MX 21. Photo by Crestliner.

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2023 Duckworth 20 Advantage Sport

Anglers in search of an aluminum boat that offers all-weather protection will find their options limited, and Duckworth is one of the few builders to provide it in their entire model line. The original Duckworth 20 Advantage Sport was this company’s first outboard model, and for 2023 is presented with an eye towards more modern angling techniques. With an unusually wide 9’2” beam it has a convertible full enclosure, transducer brackets, and options for downrigger brackets and a livewell. Particularly for anglers who demand fishability in rugged conditions, the Duckworth will be a top pick. Plus, the 20 Advantage Sport has a smooth-riding variable degree deadrise hull with a 28-degree entry, 23-degrees of deadrise forward, and 14-degrees at the transom.

duckworth 20 advantage sport
The Duckworth 20 Advantage Sport is one of the few aluminum boats of its size to offer a full convertible enclosure. Photo by Duckworth Boats.

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2023 G3 16 DK

The G3 16 DK is an all-welded aluminum Jon boat that’s built for people who enjoy both fishing and duck hunting. It comes in Desert Brown, Mossy Oak, Shadow Grass, or Break-Up camo finishes, and has a Dyna-Grip interior that won’t get slippery whether it’s covered in fish slime or light snow. Plus, the 16 DK has a lockable stowage compartment so you can secure firearms at all times, a critical feature for hunters yet one which is found on few boats. The hull has .100” thick aluminum, the 16 DK can haul up to three people, it weighs in at 525 pounds, and can take up to 50 horses on the transom.

g3 16 dk hunting boat
Those who enjoy pursuing both angling and duck hunting will check out the G3 16 DK. Photo by G3 Boats.

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2023 Harris Solstice 230

Pontoon boats are aluminum boats too, and a new one that will interest a wide swath of boaters is the 2023 Harris Solstice 230. While the Solstice line itself isn’t new, it’s been redesigned for this year with a higher level of luxury and a thorough dash of new tech. Digital switching control and a higher horsepower rating up to 300 ponies are a couple of the highlights. The deck layout options include four center-facing couches plus a helm station, or three couches, a huge lounger/sunpad, and the helm station, so there’s seating for a crew of a dozen people (14, if you get the tri-toon version).

harris solstice 230
The Harris Solstice line has been redesigned for the 2023 model year. Photo via Harris Boats.

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2023 Lowe Stinger 198

Lowe redesigned its Stinger modified-V series for the 2023 model year, and the 198 is the largest competitive-level bass boat offering in this mix. Storage compartments are all new with a raised surface so they seal, rigid hatches, and foam padding in the interior. And that storage is copious, with a rod box that holds up to 12 rods and 18 tackleboxes. The livewell holds 36 gallons, and there are options for fish-finding electronics, trolling motors, pole anchors, a jack plate, and more. Performance also gets a boost, with a fast-planing pad-hull design.

lowe stinger 198 aluminum boat
A full refresh for the 2023 model year adds appeal to the Lowe Stinger 198. Photo via Tims Ford Powersports.

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2023 Lund 2175 Pro-V

Lund’s entire Pro-V lineup is new for 2023 and the 2175 is queen of the fleet. If you’re looking for a very large aluminum that can handle big waters, this one will be a top pick. With 21’10” LOA it can handle a potent 400 horses on the transom and haul a crew of up to nine anglers. Features include lighted livewells fore and aft, both bow and aft trolling motor plugs, ProRide seats on AirRide pedestals, integrated aft jump seats, SportTrak accessory brackets, and locking rod storage for an unheard-of 19 rods. Also note that this rig comes with a full-feature Shoreland’r tandem axel trailer with a spare tire, retractable tiedowns, a swing-away tongue, and brakes.

lund 2175 pro-v
The Lund 2175 Pro-V is one big, beefy aluminum fishing boat. Photo via Lund Boats.

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2023 Ranger VS1882SC Angler

The VS1882SC combines a semi-V hull with a side console layout, for a boat that’s at home fishing big water one day and quiet creeks and coves the next. The all-welded hull is foam filled, and flooring is marine-grade vinyl. It also looks sharper than many aluminum rigs, thanks to a high-gloss metallic paint job. Unlike many aluminum offerings this one comes as a fully-featured package, including perks like a Lowrance HOOK Reveal 7 fishfinder/chartplotter, a Minn Kota Terrova 80-pound-thrust trolling motor, and a custom-built Ranger Trail trailer with Road Armor protectant. Even the lithium-capable onboard battery charger is included in the stock boat.

ranger vs1882sc
The Ranger VS1882SC Angler comes as a complete turnkey package. Photo via Bass Pro Boating Center Springfield, MO.

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2023 Tracker Targa V-19 WT

The Tracker Targa V-19 WT made the list in 2022 when it enjoyed a number of upgrades but other than some new badging, hasn’t changed for 2023. So, why does it remain in the running? Because for the new model year Tracker did something exceptionally rare in today’s boat market: they dropped the MSRP, with new “Inflation Buster” pricing. The Targa V-19 WT sports a full windshield for all-weather protection, a .125” thick hull bottom, and a 35-degree entry with 20-degrees of deadrise at the transom to split open waves. This boat has a sporty edge, too, breaking the 40-mph mark with a 150-hp Mercury outboard on the transom. Though the Targa V-19 WT has been around for a while it did enjoy several upgrades last year, with side and passenger’s consoles switched to rotomolded units plus a fold-out walk-through windshield, and a bilge pump that’s been beefed up to an 1,100-gph version. Oh, and did we mention that it now costs less?

tracker targa V-19 WT
The Tracker Targa V-19 WT enjoyed upgrades in 2022, and gets Inflation Buster pricing for 2023. Photo by Tracker Boats.

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2023 Xpress H17C

Panfish anglers who like to cruise to the hotspots while enjoying zippy performance will want to take a test run on the Xpress H17C. This model incorporates Xpress’s Hyper-Lift hull design featuring a padded bottom combined with strakes and sharp chines to provide a rocket-like hole shot and a tight grip in turns. With a Yamaha F90 outboard on the transom you can look for speeds in excess of 40 mph at top end and a cruise of over 30 mph. Construction is a high point, as the 5052 aluminum hull is .125” thick and belowdecks voids are foam-filled. Interior layout has the nature of a bass boat but thanks to its beamy disposition has more room than expected, with three cockpit seats, fore and aft pedestal fishing seats, a rodbox in the bowdeck, and a trolling motor with foot controls on the bow.

Xpress delivers a lot of boat for the size, in the H17C. Photo via Marshall’s Marine.

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Editor’s note: this article was last updated in May of 2023.