Best Bass Boats of 2023

There are thousands of bass boats for sale at any given time, but which are the best bass boats of 2023? We considered dozens of hot new models and many would make an angler proud, but each of these 10 top picks offers something special that sets it apart from the crowd. So if you’re in the market for a hot new bass boat, be sure to take a close look at of these models before you make any final decisions.

2023 Caymas CX 21

The Caymas brand was born in 2018, and met such incredible demand that by 2022 the company had already completed a 100,000-square-foot expansion. That allowed them to boost production of freshwater models by 20-percent. The bass fishing fleet is led by the flagship CX 21, and now you can also get a Pro version which bundles tournament-level equipment into one package deal. The highlight of this bass boat, however, is undoubtedly the performance delivered by its fresh hull design with a 17” running pad. Rigged with a 250-hp outboard the CX 21 can bust right past the 70-mph mark and hits an eye-watering top-end of about 73 mph.

Caymas 21 CX bass boat
Caymas is one of the newest bass boat brands around, and the 21 CX is the queen of their fleet. Photo by Caymas Boats.

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2023 Lowe Stinger 178

The 2022 Lowe Stinger 178 may seem like a surprising pick as a best bass boat, because this is a relatively small, low-power model. But for a new angler looking to get into the game, it represents one of the most cost-effective ways to enjoy fishing from a brand-new bass boat. The boat-motor-trailer package starts at an advertised base model price right around the $30,000 mark, which is extremely affordable compared to most entries in the bass boat world. It can run with as little as 50 horsepower, and includes basic perks like a 30-gallon livewell with a timer, a locking rod box for 10 fishing rods up to eight feet long, and a pair of fold-down pedestal fishing seats.

lowe stinger 178 bass boat cruising
The 2023 Lowe Stinger 178 is an economical way to get to the competitive level of bass fishing. Photo by Lowe Boats.

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2023 Nitro Z21 XL

The Nitro Z21 XL gets a 2023 upgrade; it still comes standard (at a $64,995 MSRP) with a 250-hp Mercury Marine FourStroke Pro XS outboard that can be optioned up to 300-HP. But new for 2023 there are a number of enhancements made to this model, including an upgraded 36-V Minn Kota Fortrex electric trolling motor, a 7″ touchscreen at the helm, a NOCO GB 40 jump-starter, and protective film on the splashwell. Once you blast off to the hotspots you’ll enjoy integrated tackle stowage with automatic LED lighting that turns on as you open the hatch, your choice of multiple electronics systems including up to two 12” fishfinders at the helm and two more at the bow, and the latest in 24- or 36-volt electric trolling motors. Among all the performance and perks, however, that tackle stowage is what really takes the cake — there’s dedicated space for an amazing 18 standard 3700-size tackleboxes with removable dividers plus a magnetic under-lid lure organizer. Feel free to bring the entire tackle shop with you every time you fish.

nitro z21 xl bass fishing boat
Blast to the bass at highway speeds, on the Nitro Z21 XL. Photo by Nitro Boats.

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2023 Phoenix 921 Elite

Most bass anglers like to customize their fishing rigs to one degree or another, and the Phoenix 921 Elite stands out as an option that allows you to go beyond the customizing norm. Along with all the usual optional choices Phoenix offers a fiberglass bow insert for utilizing different bow-mount electronics packages, a seemingly endless list of multi-color polyflake finish patterns, and even a number of trailer customization options.

phoenix 921 elite bass boat running
If you want your bass boat set up to your own specifications, check out the Phoenix 921 Elite. Photo by Phoenix Boats.

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2023 Ranger Z520R 55th Anniversary Edition

Ranger has long been known for building premium bass boats, and the Z520R is no exception. Last year the model got new shellback-style seating, a removable passenger’s side console, and a deck redesign. New tech also takes the Z520R from being a better bass boat to being one of the best: the boat is controlled via a nine-inch touchscreen interface flanked by twin 12” displays, includes digital switching at the bow, and has standard lithium batteries instead of the old lead-acid still being used for the stock batteries in most boats. Heck, they even added a wireless phone charger at the helm. And now, celebrating the 55th year anniversary of the company, this new limited edition has a one-off interior color scheme, commemorative 55th anniversary badging, RGB carpet trim lighting, custom black chrome accents, and a heated driver’s seat with shock-absorbing air bladders in the bottom and back. The trailer gets a dressing-up, too, with 17″ black Challenger wheels, custom fenders, and smoked tail lights.

ranger z520r anniversary edition
The Ranger Z520R now comes in the 55th Anniversary Edition – with RGB trim lighting – for the 2023 model year. Photo via Brownies Marine.

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2023 Skeeter 75th Anniversary FXR 21 Apex

Skeeter is another builder celebrating a big birthday, and after refreshing its entire FXR line for the 2022 model year, for 2023 created the 75th Anniversary edition. This special version enjoys an eye-catching black color package with semi-metallic gel coat and satin gold emblems. The 21 Apex is, well, the Apex among all of Skeeter’s offerings. With an MSRP pushing up towards the $112K mark you won’t be surprised to hear that this model includes just about every possible optional item you could want as a standard feature. In fact, most of the options have more to do with customizing the boat as opposed to outfitting it. Right out of the box it includes extras like twin Raptor pole anchors, a 112-pound-thrust trolling motor with iPilot, a 12” jack plate — the list goes on and on.

skeeter fxr 21 75th anniversary
Skeeter celebrated their 75th birthday with the FXR 21 Apex 75th Anniversary bass boat. Photo via N & C Marine.

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2023 Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW Tournament Edition

Bass boats can be exceedingly expensive, and anglers who want a fishing machine that offers the best bang for their hard-earned buck will want to check out the Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW. For 2023 it’s been dubbed the Tournament Edition, and gets special 45th anniversary badging. That follows a 2022 model year upgrade including a Lowrance Hook2 Reveal color fishfinder with a SplitShot transducer and GPS, and a bilge pump changed to a 800 GPH unit. With a sticker price at the $35,000 mark (depending on power and options), this boat costs less than half of some of the other bass fishing machines in this roundup. Yet with 150 horses it still delivers speeds of over 50 mph, it comes with a trailer, and its factory rigged with the fishfinder and an electric trolling motor.

tracker pro team 195 txw tournament edition
The Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW becomes the Tournament Edition, for the 2023 model year. Photo via Quality Marine Powersports.

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2023 Triton 21 XrT

The Triton 21 XrT comes stock with a 250-hp Mercury Pro XS and a starting price in the upper-$70,000 range, and it’s the flagship of Triton’s fleet. What’s exceptionally nice is the additional seven inches of deck width added over previous models, which significantly boosts your casting territory. That also means there’s tons of stowage space under the deck, including integrated tackle stowage, bulk stowage compartments, and a rod box that can hold up to a dozen eight-foot fishing rods.

triton 21 xrt bass boat cruising fast
Get serious about your bass fishing by casting from the Triton 21 XrT. Photo by Triton Boats.

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2023 Vexus AVX 1880

The AVX 1880 isn’t a new model for Vexus, but it still belongs on any list of best bass boats because it remains the one and only option out there built with Vexus’s “Glass-Infused Aluminum Hybrid” construction. This comes with some serious advantages, like the lighter weight and lower cost of an aluminum hull, combined with the accessory and compartment integration allowed by fiberglass. Net result? The AVX 1880 starts at under the $40,000 mark yet with just 115 horsepower can still hit the 50-mph mark.

vexus avx 1880 on trailer
Glass-Infused Aluminum Hybrid construction sets the Vexus AVX 1880 bass boat apart from the crowd. Photo via Bunch Marine.

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2023 Xpress X21 Pro

You don’t usually think of an aluminum rig as making a list of the best bass boats due to its performance, but the Xpress X21 Pro does exactly that. If you want to compete with top-end speeds of over 70-mph but you also want the light, rugged nature of an all-aluminum boat this will likely be your top pick. Pricing is surprisingly reasonable, too, starting in the mid-$40,000 range with a 175 Yamaha Outboards VF175 on the transom; upgrade to 250 horses, however, if you want to enjoy those highway-style speeds.

xpress x21 pro bass boat image
Xpress your bass fishing self aboard the Xpress X21 Pro. Photo by Xpress Boats.

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If you’re not completely sold on the idea of getting a bass boat as opposed to a different type of fishing machine, take a look at our Bass Boats Guide. And if you do determine a bass boat is ideal for your needs but you’re not sure how to go about buying one, see our BoatTrader How to Buy a Boat Guide. As to which of these contenders will be the best bass boat for you, personally, that’s a question we can’t answer. But we do know one thing for sure: with any one of these red-hot 2023 bass boats sitting in your driveway, hitting the lake is about to become a whole lot more fun.