Best Wake Boats For 2022

Few types of boats have seen such an increase in demand in recent years as ski and wake boats. These vessels are designed for wake sports, including wake surfing, wake boarding and water skiing. Check out our Wake Boats Guide if you think this might be the right type of boat for you and your family, but if you’re already eyeballing the market looking to buy a new wake boat, you’ve probably been on the lookout for the latest and greatest models around. Be sure to check out these top picks below before you make any moves, because as the new model year hits these cool introductions are going to be setting the wake boat world on fire.

Axis Wake T250

2022 Axis T250 for sale on Boat Trader

Above: A 2022 Axis T250 for sale on Boat Trader. Photo by Waterski America in Lewisville, TX.

The T250 is the biggest boat Axis has ever made, and it boasts an awesome seating capacity of 18 people. It also comes with Axis’s first touch screen in the dash, which is upgradable to a “Premium Sport” version including an additional keypad and wireless charging phone holder. Wet Sounds audio systems, custom-matched trailers, and towers customizable with speaker packages and board racks are also in the offerings.

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Centurion Ri265

Centurion Ri265 Wake Boat

Above: A Centurion Ri265 Wake Boat on the water. Image by Centurion Boats.

Also in the bigger-is-better category, Centurion’s all new for 2022 Ri265 seats 18 and stretches the tape to 26’6” of LOA. It also carries the largest factory-installed ballast capacity in a 26-foot boat, at up to 5,850 pounds in seven tanks. Added bonus: Centurion’s Ramfill ballast system can adjust the wake in as little as 90 seconds with the interface via a pair of 12” touchscreen “Touch Revo” displays. And the custom-made Roswell DropZone tower, which folds and deploys at the press of a button, comes standard on the Ri265.

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Chapparal 30 Surf

A 2022 Chaparral 30 Surf wake boat

Above: A 2022 Chaparral 30 Surf wake boat for sale on Boat Trader by Lake Cumberland Marine. Photo via Lake Cumberland Marine in Somerset, KY.

First unveiled for the 2021 model year, Chapparal’s 30’2” long, 9’0” wide 30 Surf is the biggest dedicated wakesports boat in this roundup and many would say it’s the biggest you’ll find on the water. It’s powered by forward-facing Volvo-Penta stern drives as opposed to the inboards favored by most wake enthusiasts, but it’s also outfitted with Malibu Surf Gates, a 1,080-pound ballast system, and a dual touchscreen MFD display. Competition-level watersports purists may find the 30 Surf’s size and power system a bit unusual, however, there’s no denying the enhanced comfort level and capacity that comes along with a boat of this size. Plus, Chapparal offers it up with luxury-level components like an EFX electric folding tower, a custom leather steering wheel, an enclosed head compartment with vanity, an Infinity Power Step swim platform, and a windlass with foot controls.

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Heyday H22

For the new model year Heyday introduces a platform with a more traditional look and feel than their previous models, which have a distinct bow shape with a raked topside. Just as substantial is the new stern and transom design, which incorporates twin recessed aft-facing seats protected by transom gates (which transforms into a sunpad), three step levels, and an aft cockpit seat that slides forward to become a rear-facing couch. Unlike older models in the line-up, the H22 also benefits from a standard-issue nine-inch MFD display with a touchscreen interface plus Mercury VesselView and SmartTow.

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Malibu Wakesetter 21 LX

malibu wakesetter 21 lx
The Malibu Wakesetter 21 LX will have you shredding waves in no time. Image by Malibu.

For the 2022 model year Malibu brings us a new offering in 21-foot wake sports boats with the Wakesetter 21 LX, which has a “hybrid” bow design incorporating aspects of both a V-shaped bow and the pickle-fork style. Essentially, it’s a mix between the older 21 VLX but without sacrificing the interior volume of the MLX, and filler cushions can be added to turn the twin forward seats into a “playpen” arrangement. Performance and tech remain at Malibu’s standard levels, with touchscreen control of all boat’s systems. Riders can control the wake as they surf with the Surf Band, while Surf Gate and Power Wedge systems allow for shaping the wake to an individual’s taste. Plus, the tower is a G5 (upgradable to the TXI tower) folding model.

See Malibu Wakesetter 21 LX boats for sale on Boat Trader.

MasterCraft XStar

mastercaft xstar boat
Get ready for a seriously cool ride with the Mastercraft Xstar. Photo via Global One Yacht Sales.

Although the XStar has been in MasterCraft’s lineup for a long time, the 2022 model year brings a number of notable developments and upgrades. The boat is now outfitted with MasterCraft’s SurfStar updated software, which allows for adjustments in the wake that can be made from the helm. There’s even a graphic wave display that shows how setting adjustments will affect the wake, as the new actuators with position sensors kick into action. In addition, for the new model year the tower has been redesigned, and the number of options has been expanded for the boat’s gel coat and upholstery. Beyond these tweaks the basic boat retains its core characteristics, with a 23’ LOA and 8’6” beam, seating for a 16-person crowd, and a 4,100-pound ballast capacity in the Switchback ballast system.

See MasterCraft XStar boats for sale on Boat Trader.

Moomba Mojo

moomba mojo boat running
The Moomba Mojo is a top pick for watersports lovers. Photo by Moomba Boats.

First introduced for the 2021 model year, the 2022 Momba Mojo still deserves top billing as a boat that few wakesports enthusiasts have been able to experience thanks to the lack of boat shows and supply chain difficulties brought on by the pandemic. Although this is a 23’ model it’s designed to maximize passenger space and has an eyebrow-raising 17-person capacity. It carries up to 4,000 pounds of ballast, and features AutoWake tech which includes graphic displays on the touchscreen showing you where to shift ballast to create the ideal wakes, then holds the hull in position when factors like shifting weight in the boat would otherwise affect pitch and roll.

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Super Air Nautique S21

nautique super air s21 wake surfing
The 2002 Nautique Super Air S21 in action. Photo via Long Lake Marina.

The Super Air Nautique isn’t just a new model for 2022, it also marks the beginning of the “next generation of traditional bow Nautiques.” Even though it has a V-shape, however, the look is anything but traditional and a short section at the top that’s nearly plumb dropping into an aggressive V gives the boat a distinctly modernized appearance. The S21 features the Nautique Surf System for shaping wakes, including the Waveplate to direct waterflow, as well as Garmin Watch integration allowing riders to change the wake, adjust speed, and even control the stereo remotely while surfing or boarding.

See Super Air Nautique S21 boats for sale on Boat Trader.

2022 Supreme ZS252

Supreme introduced the new ZS252 in October 2021 at the annual World Wake Surfing Championship, held on Lake Conroe in Texas where she turned heads. We got to test this high performance wake sports machine, and were impressed with not only the standard features, but the numerous options and fine touches. If you’re looking for a wake boat on the high end of the “value class” with a very competitive sticker price, but that also provides a level of luxury and attention to detail usually found on higher price point boats, it’s hard to beat the ZS252.

Touted as the longest wake surf boat in the “entry class” she is 25’2″ long, holds up to 17 passengers and has 5,100 pounds of available ballast. If you’re looking to ride in style and create the perfect waves for surfing, the ZS252 is your ticket.

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Supreme ZS212

supreme zs212 water sports boat
Bigger, better wakes are the name of the game with Supreme’s ZS212. Photo via Bob Feil Boats & Motors, Inc.

The 2022 Supreme ZS212 is built on a hull designed to maximize wake sports performance, with gobs of deadrise (20 degrees) matched with a tapered-V design that sits lower in the water towards the rear when weighted to displace more water (read: make bigger, better, longer wakes). Meanwhile, the staggered chine ensures that those wakes remain symmetrical. Supreme has undergone a complete brand redesign for this model year, including new and aggressive styling plus new features like an F-series Roswell tower upgradable with colored tower shields, customizable flooring with 15 different color schemes for each layer, a wireless phone charger/holder, and USB ports in the bow.

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Tige Z1

tige z1 wake sports boat running
Hold on tight, when you get a ride on the Tige Z1. Photo by Tige Boats.

Wake boat aficionados will recognize the Z1 name as a model that was discontinued a few short years ago, but it’s now been brought back to life by Tige for 2022. It comes packing the company’s Tige Clear system, an 11-inch touchscreen interface allowing the driver to control everything from the TAPS T3 wake-shaping tab system, to the Zero Off cruise control, to the ballast system, to the lighting and stereo. The Z1 also features Tige’s convex V hull design, which curves up towards the transom with continuous rocker similar to that of a surfboard.

See Tige Z1 boats for sale on Boat Trader.

ATX 24 Type-S

The 2022 ATX 24 Type-S gives off an awesome wake. Image via ATX Surf Boats.

The ATX name may still be relatively new to the wake sports market, but the company behind them is one of its biggest players — Tige. That means models like the 24 Type-S feature many of the same features, construction and style that make Tige a perennial favorite, but at lower cost of entry.

The 24 Type-S boasts cockpit space and plenty of seating for 18 passengers. Crew forward benefit from a picklefork bow shape that maintains much of the boat’s 8’ 6” beam. Behind the windshield, scatter the rest along a wraparound perimeter lounge, with an abundance of storage space below. Sunpad seatbacks and reversible seating allow passengers to spread out and create their own conversation spaces or come together.

Type-S models feature Tige’s familiar Convex V hull, which naturally squats at the stern at board riding speeds to beef up the wake. TAPS 3T wake plates further increase the size and definition of wakes for both wakeboarding and surfing, but can also level the hull when it comes time to hand the towrope to that slalom enthusiast in the crowd. Other standout features include a gas-shock-assisted tower, Wet Sounds audio system, and a 7” touchscreen with simplified presets. For power, the 6.2L Indmar 400 Raptor Engine comes standard, although there are upgrades available. ATX offers their 20′, 22′, and 24′ Type-S boats in special editions, such as the Ghost Edition, that come with a custom graphics package, additional amenities, and optional extras.

View ATX 24 Type-S boats for sale on Boat Trader.


Gigawave 350 GW-X: Gargantuan, Game-changing Electric Wake Boat

Gigawave Electric Wake Boat

Above: The Gigawave 350 GW-X electric wake boat is going to be the largest wake boat in the world with a fully electric propulsion system to boot. Photo by Gigawave.

Also, arriving on the scene sometime in late 2022 is a newcomer to the wake boat scene who is busy crafting a unique beast of a wake boat. If you’re looking for the latest, greatest in innovation in wake surfing, you’ll definitely want to check out the new Gigawave electric wake boat. Created by Maatthew Blew, the founder and product architect behind this unique builder, comes the Gigawave 350 GW-X – the first model in their lineup. The 35-foot wake boat will be easily the largest wake boat in the world with a 10.5-foot beam and a 28-person capacity. She has a whopping 8,000 pounds of ballast and perhaps most remarkably will be powered by 100% electric propulsion, with near silent operation. Yes that’s right, this 35-foot wake boat is not only a wakesports machine, she’s also a cutting-edge, clean energy electric boat that offers lower maintenance, higher torque and less environmental impact (well, except for the massive wake of course).

Not yet ready for the masses, Gigawave is taking pre-orders right now and is on a mission to elevate the sport and change the wake surfing game. Her initial power package is said to consist of twin 300 HP electric engines. Needless to say, the waves and barrels this boat will create behind it will be simply massive, due in large part to the huge displacement of the vessel’s hull. The company touts that hull as the largest wake surfing hull ever built, which seems to check out. So, if you’ve ever dreamed of surfing big ocean waves on a lake, that dream could now become reality with this modern marvel of wake boat engineering.

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