Best Water Toys for 2023

Now that summer is in full swing it’s time to start thinking about fun in the sun. And if you’ve got a boat, that means water toys. We’ve put together a sampling of some the coolest and most interesting new bits to get you out on the water or at least help you enjoy your time out there just a bit more. Bring on summer!

  1. Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard
  2. Bote AeroRondak Chair
  3. Aquaglide Aquapark
  4. Connelly Carbon V Ski 
  5. AlbusGolf Ecoballs
  6. Crystal Kayak Explorer
  7. Fliteboard Flite Scooter
Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard
Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard, photo by Liquid Sports.

Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard

Good for lots of different types of riders, the Liquid Force Trip wakeboard offers continuous rocker to provide smooth edging and predictable kick off the wake. It has molded side fins and a removable center fin for more advanced riders and a variable edge for more forgiveness when learning new tricks. New for 2023, Liquid Force brings us the largest Trip ever with a 150 cm model added to the existing lineup of 130, 135, 139, and 144 cm. Overton’s sells the entire Trip line with or without bindings and a rope in the $200 to $300 range.

Bote AeroRondak Chair

You want to float around next to your boat in uber-comfort? Check out Bote‘s new AeroRondak Chair. Shaped just like an Adirondack chair but in inflabable form, features include padded arm rests, inflatable back and arm rests, and a pair of “Magnepod” magnetic drink holders. Matched up with Bote’s magnetic tumblers, bottles, and drink koozies your beverage stays put on the flat magnetic surfaces, even when the waves start you rocking and rolling. Added bonus: the AeroRondak Chair comes with a Nano hand pump, mesh carrying case, and repair kit. Price: $349.

Aquaglide Super Volley
Aquaglide Super Volley, photo by Aquaglide.

Aquaglide AquaPark

This one probably falls under the category, “For the person, who has everything.” Last year the Aquaglide Super Volley, which uses a regulation volleyball tethered with a 4 mm bungee so you won’t have to spend time chasing it when it lands out of bounds, made this list. But for 2023 Aquaglide offers literally dozens of water park toys that can connect modularly, ranging from slides to trampolines to “blast bags” (one person sits on one end and when a friend jumps on the other end, gets blasted into the air). Aquaglide also has a 3-D Park Builder, so you can set up your own custom water park online before ordering. Added bonus: Aquaglide also just introduced the Cirrus Ultralight inflatable kayak, so you can paddle around your own personal waterpark and visit the attractions you like most. One downside: You’re going to need a big compressor to blow this stuff up, or the lung capacity of a blue whale. Price: $8,899. For the Super Volley alone.

Connelly Carbon V Ski

If you’re at the top of your slalom game, the 2022 Connelly Carbon V ski might be just the thing this spring. It came out last year but remains on our 2023 list because this is still one of the most advanced water skis on the market, period. Connelly has been building skis for more than 50 years, so it has learned a thing or two during that time. The Carbon V uses the Skelecore core-shaping tech, a drag-reducing design, carbon fiber, and a Viper 2.0 fin system with aluminum foil. The ski also uses a variable bevel, sharp at the front to round at the rear, which sets the ski deeper in the turn for greater tracking. Price: $1,049.99.

AlbusGolf Ecoballs

If you want to try out that new driver without adding golf ball pollution to the lake or bay, check out the AlbusGolf Ecoballs. These one-time-use golf balls are certified biodegradable and non-toxic, and they have a core made of fish food. Yes, fish food – within 48 hours of submersion the outer core washes away and exposes the nutritious snack to all those finned critters. Though they aren’t new this year these remain the only golf balls in the world made of fish food (shocker!) and are in high demand, so they still make the 2023 list. Price: $56 for a box of two dozen or $190 for 100.

Crystal Kayak Explorer
Crystal Kayak Explorer, photo by Crystal Kayak.

Crystal Kayak Explorer

The idea is so simple, it’s a wonder no one thought of it before. The Crystal Kayak gives you a clear view of the ocean below, letting you enjoy sightseeing under and over the water. The Crystal Kayak comes fitted with fully adjustable, quick-drying seats and marine grade brass spring eyes for easy adjustment and conversion from one to two passengers. An adjustable skeg at the stern helps with tracking. It comes with everything you need to get out on the water. Though it isn’t new for 2023 this gem is too good to replace and there’s also some new news to report: now also available is the Crystal Board, the world’s first transparent paddleboard. Price: $1,799 for the kayak; $1,499 for the paddleboard.

Fliteboard Flite Scooter

File this one under “coming to a waterway near you soon,” because the Fliteboard Flite Scooter isn’t yet available. However, you can reserve yours right now with delivery expected later in 2023. The Flie Scooter is a foiling surfboard of sorts, which can carry riders up to 265 pounds. It features a jet propulsion system powered by a power cell available in 40 Ah, 29.4 Ah, and 16 Ah sizes. That means you can enjoy a ride-time of between 45 and 150 minutes. A charger is included, and you can choose between several hydrofoil wing sets designed for maximum stability or maximum speed – which can hit up to 30 mph. Price: $12,295.

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