Best Websites to Sell Your Boat Online

In a 2020 study, digital formats took up the majority of U.S. adults’ daily media consumption time, while for newspapers and magazines the average time spent was just nine and eight minutes respectively. With a decline in consumption for newspaper and magazines comes naturally less-effective classified advertisements in print to sell your boat. If you want to sell your boat quickly, safely, and for the best price, then you should sell your boat online. The experts at Boat Trader have compiled information that will help you find the best websites to list your boat—and ensure a quick sale.

Best Websites to Sell a Boat Online

  • Boat Trader
  • YachtWorld (you will need to list through a Broker for exposure on YachtWorld)
  • Craigslist
  • Facebook

Sites like Boat Trader attract millions of visitors every month looking to buy boats. Boat Trader attracts such a high volume of visitors because it features thousands of models of popular boat types, from pontoon boats to bass boats to motor yachts. Boat shoppers know to come to sites like Boat Trader, and YachtWorld to find what they’re looking for. Yes, full disclosure, our company owns these sites, but that isn’t the only reason we’re advocating for them.

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Can I Expect a Local Buyer to Find My Listing?

Millions of visitors are actively shopping the web for boats at any given time. They’re attracted to niche boating websites because of the extensive amount of boat listings, reviews, related services and informational content. Boating marketplaces provide a one-stop shop for all of their needs.

Access to a valuable audience isn’t the only benefit of listing your boat with with one of these marketplaces, though. Boat Trader also makes it as easy as possible to list your boat—the entire process can be finished in just three minutes. You can also update your listing on the fly, whether you want to update the price, add new photos or change your description. The ability to adapt your listings quickly can give you a significant competitive edge.

Listing for Your Boat for Sale on Non-Boating Marketplaces

There are of course other websites where you can list your boat, and some of them may require little to no payment and have the possibility of generating potential buyers. However, these sites attract a large number of window shoppers, and you may find yourself spending significant time working your way through responses to find qualified and serious buyers. In addition, most of these sites are general marketplaces that aren’t specific to boats. It is often difficult for potential buyers to find the boats on their shopping list.

All of this doesn’t mean that you should forget about spreading the word the old-fashioned way. Whether you post flyers at your marina and coffee shop, or tell your friends on social media, don’t hold back. The fact that you can link to your professional-looking ad online will only add value to all that work you put into making the ad look great in the first place.

Whether you are ready to sell your boat on Boat Trader or want to study the process further by reading our boat selling guide, we’re here to help you.

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