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Cost effective power, losing teachers, and Wendig with an artifact of rage and frustration

Bernd Kohler has a new version of his KD860 design…

The KD860 Open

From where I sit there’s a pressing need for an affordable small multihull that can be easily built and an open bridgedeck variation of the KD860 certainly fill a void.

One of my biggest issues with modern multihulls is the lack of simplicity and the idea that everyone wants a boat that will do well in the charter market. A situation that results in multihull that are big, heavy and expensive.

The KD860 Open is by it’s very nature simple which results in a lighter better performing cat that is also a lot more affordable.

My want list for a cruising cat for a couple is pretty spartan. A good place to sleep,a comfortable place to hang out/work, and, multihull performance.

Which, is pretty much describes the KD860 open to a “T”. I’ll be checking out the study plans ASAP and have more to say about the design and rig once I’ve had a chance to price it all out. In the meantime there more info over on the K-Designs website that you’ll want to check out.

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