Bradford Marine returns

Bradford Marine returns

Bradford Marine has expanded and now returns to The Boat Works
after 11 years, setting up a workshop in the new section of the Northern
Superyacht Yard.

Led by director Marty Clark and his sons, Bradford Marine’s 17 craftspeople and trades have been specialising in repairs and maintenance since 1995. Focusing on below the waterline and 2-pac painting, Bradford Marine comprises experts in sandblasting, antifouling, painting and shipwrights.

Marty Clark -Owner, Shane Subichin TBW, Dave Hanton Bradford Marine Services
Location: New Workshop onsite at The Boat Works

According to Marty Clark, the new premises were inspired by sheer
volume of vessels at The Boat Works requiring their expertise.

The family-owned and run business has a loyal client base accumulated over the past 21 years in the industry. “I owned and operated Hope Harbour Marina which is where I first met Shane Subichin The Boat Works’ General Manager. I have a lot of respect for Shane and his team.

“I observed how The Boat Works has really evolved in the
past five or so years, which made it an easy decision to open our workshop

“In 21 years, we have not been as busy as we are now,” he continued. “We used to be based at The Boat Works over a decade ago for about seven years, and then relocated. We have now established a workshop at The Boat Works because over the past year or so, we are servicing more boats than ever.

“The Boat Works has everything we need on-site and is really capitalising on the current boating boom. The lift capacity and number of vessels are impressive.”

During the past few months, Marty and his team have worked every
kind of vessels, from 12-foot runabouts to the heaviest motor yacht lifted on
the Gold Coast, the 292 tonne, 50 metre Bennetti
150, “Mistress”.

“The Gold Coast has become the east coast’s epicentre for
refit and maintenance,” added Marty, originally from the UK, with experience
working there and in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

“I would describe the Gold Coast as a mini Fort Lauderdale,” he says. “It’s such a vibrant hub for boating and the coastal lifestyle, with the canals, Broadwater and access to the Whitsundays and Great Barrier Reef, or south to Sydney and Melbourne.”

For more information liaise direct with the team at Bradford Marine Services | 07 5580 5555

Located: North Yard 199 Beattie Rd, Building 5a