Expansion Lift the first of its kind in Australia

Expansion Lift the first of its kind in Australia

The Boat Works is set to welcome a new ship lift, the Italian
built BL90 Telescopic Boat Lift the first of
its kind in Australia.

The latest in boat lift ingenuity with several unique
features allowing for versatile options for set down including a hydraulic
cross beam that enlarges or decreases the overall machines footprint to suit;
maximising the set down footprint. Mechanical pivoting and all-wheel 90-degree
steering allowing the boat lift to spin 360 degrees on the spot and ‘walk’
sideways – ideal for adapting to wide and narrow boats and for parking in tight

Adding to the fleet the 5th Boat lift featuring a Telescopic beam ideal for adapting to wide and or narrow boats, maximising the set down footprint| BL90

With over 500 storage and maintenance spaces ashore, our dry
berthing & out of water capacity is the
largest in the southern hemisphere, and ever-growing to keep pace with demand.

South Yard |Hardstand (100t Machine pictured)

Operating two world class yards the aim is to maximise the overall
facilities’ footprint and increase capacity for additional vessels. Whether
your preference is sailing or racing monohulls, catamarans, trimarans or cruiser
through to motoryachts and superyachts we have the equipment and expertise to
get the job done.

Richard Williams from Boat Lift Meridian Projects said “Australia
is following the trend in Europe where the mix of boats is changing to wider
boats including catamarans.

“Shipyards need to adapt to lift this mix and still be able
to park monohull boats efficiently on their hardstand without losing space.
This machine allows The Boat Works to achieve this flexibility across their

‘Dry Marina’ out-of-water Storage precinct

Shane Subichin, General Manager at The Boat Works said the facility
has evolved in response to ever-increasing demand and is investing in the
proven equipment to stay ahead and provide the best service to customers.

“We are seeing a marked increase in vessels cruising the east coast and stopping at The Boat Works for service and refit work. The new boat lift has so many applications because of its variable widths and gives us the greatest number of lifting options of any yard in Australia to make every haul out safe and seamless.”