Four Winns H2e: Power Jolt

Electric boats have gaining ground in recent years, and for 2023 Four Winns enters the market with the H2e. Unlike some of the other craft that run on electric propulsion, however, the H2e isn’t just a run-of-the-mill bowrider boat with an electric outboard strapped onto the transom. Rather, Four Winns incorporates a complete system to match up with the motor, jointly developed and prototyped with Vision Marine in 2022.

four winns h2e
The Four Winns H2e is all electric – kiss those fuel bills good-bye. Photo via Sundance Yacht Sales.

Four Winns H2e Electric Boat System

A Vision Marine Technologies E-Motion 180E is the core of the system. This 400-pound powerplant is virtually maintenance-free, since you’ll never have to change the oil or replace the spark plugs. It can spin a maximum 7000 rpm, produces approximately 180 horsepower at 6000 rpm, and can produce a peak power of about 230 horsepower. It swings through a 2.1:1 gear ratio and is currently produced in 20- and 25-inch shaft lengths.

vision marine technologies electric outboard
The Vision Marine Technologies outboard provides propulsion to the Four Winns H2e. Photo via Sundance Yacht Sales.

The motor draws its juice from a pair of uber-potent 700-volt, 35 kWh high-density batteries. Produced by Neogy, a division of the French company Groupe Startec Energy (which manufactures specialized batteries), the custom power-packs are purpose-designed specifically for the Vision outboard system. An onboard charging system which can plug into any common 220-volt shore power system is also integrated into the boat. The captain interfaces with the system via a pair of touchscreens at the helm, where they can monitor battery status, trip history, and engine data, and these same screens serve as the interface for navigational and entertainment systems.

Four Winns H2e Electric Boat Performance

The big questions when it comes to electric boats always revolve around range. Some are exceptionally limited, and no, the H2e can’t be expected to match the range of a gas-powered equivalent. That said, range is significantly better than many of the electric boats of this size and nature we’ve seen in the past. Vision Marine Technologies says that while individual results will differ depending on a number of factors (such as load, propeller, environmental conditions, etc.), their system can cruise at around 20 mph for about 3.5 hours, or 70 miles. With the throttle on the pins, top-end is an estimated 40 mph.

four winns horizon h2e electric boat running fast
The Four Winns H2e posts an eyebrow-raising 40 mph top-end. Photo via Sundance Yacht Sales.

Boaters will notice two major differences running the H2e versus a gas-powered outboard. This first and most significant is a conspicuous and much-appreciated absence of the things we all hate about internal combustion powerplants: noise, vibrations, and fumes. At low speeds the outboard is virtually silent and fully revved it makes more of a humming/whirring sound than anything else — and it’s certainly far quieter than the never-ending chain of explosions inside a stack of pistons. Another advantage is instantaneous throttle response. While gasoline outboards generally suffer from a lag in responsiveness, an electric motor can provide full torque the moment you hit the throttle.

Four Winns H2e Features

Aside from electrification the H2e is, essentially, just like the Four Winns H2 Outboard. The aft cockpit is capped off by an elevated sunpad and wrapped in U-shaped seating, with helm and passenger’s chairs forward. The helm chair is the pedestal-mounted flip-up bolster type, while the passenger’s side chair is integrated with the aft seating and its seatback flips forward to turn the port side of the cockpit into a lounger. In the forward cockpit there’s forward-facing seating for two to stretch out or room for four to sit center-facing, along with integrated stereo speakers, handholds, cupholders, and stowage underneath.

four winns h2e electric boat helm
Twin touchscreen displays grace the helm of the Four Winns H2e. Photo via Sundance Yacht Sales.

Standard features of note include a four-speaker Bluetooth stereo system, USB ports, an integrated carry-on 72-quart cooler, LED lighting, and a wireless phone charger/holder. Upholstered coaming pads line the interior. The boat comes well-equipped right out of the box but some major optional items many people will want include either a Bimini top for sun protection and ski pylon, or the wakeboard tower with a Bimini. A power windlass, freshwater shower, and removable cocktail table are available as well.

Four Winns H2e Specifications

  • Length Overall: 22’0”
  • Beam: 8’5”
  • Weight: 4100 lbs. approx.
  • Draft (min.): 1’6”
  • Transom Deadrise: 18 degrees
  • Max HP: NA
  • Fuel Capacity: NA

For many years it’s been possible to piece together an electric outboard, some batteries, and a boat, but the all-in-one purpose-designed package has remained elusive up until now. If you like the idea of boating without noise and fumes and have been waiting for an all-inclusive electric bowrider package, the time has finally come — and it’s in the form of the Four Winns Horizon H2e.

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