Parker Offshore 2400CC: Like No Parker Boats You’ve Ever Seen Before

When it comes to hardcore fishing center console boats are a top choice for countless anglers, and Parker Boats has been known for producing well-built, well-designed, eminently fishable center consoles for decades. But as of this year it’s time to take everything you thought you knew about Parkers and toss it in the hopper — the all-new Parker Offshore 2400CC represents a new dawn for these iconic fishing machines.

parker 2400cc fishing boat
The Parker 2400CC represents a whole new breed of Parker center console fishing boats. Photo via Legendary Marine.

Parker Offshore Center Console Features

For 2022 Parker introduced two models in this series, the 2200CC and the 2400CC. In the interest of providing in depth detail we’ll stick with the 2400CC for the purposes of this review, but know that if a smaller fishing boat is more up your alley, the 2200CC shares many of the same design features.

The biggest departure from old style Parkers in this new series will be found in the helm area. The console, T-top, and helm boast a three-sided enclosure with forward and side windshields, providing enhanced protection from rain, wind, and spray, as well as a slicker, sleeker look. The top itself is also vastly improved, with features like an electronics box, spreader and courtesy lights, speaker enclosures, and a recess for the brace of four rocket launchers, all incorporated into the structure. The helm is also improved, with a molded-in padded footrest, glovebox, a lighted push-button switching panel, drink holders, and a wide angled flat for flush-mounting electronics. In fact, Parker now offers factory-installed electronics packages which can include a Garmin xvs chartplotter/fishfinder up to a whopping big 16-inches.

parker 2400cc center console helm station
The 2400CC has a well-designed helm with plenty of room for electronics. Photo via Bonita Boat Center.

Also new is the optional leaning post, which many serious anglers will consider a must-have. It gets you a 30-gallon insulated livewell, tackle stowage compartments, and a pair of flush-mount stainless-steel rodholders. The seating has flip-up bolsters and fold-down arm rests, also delivering more comfort than many rough-and-tumble fishboats.

Parker 2400CC Fishability

Fortunately, through the design phase Parker didn’t get distracted from this boat’s main mission: fishing, fishing, and also fishing. Yes, the 2400CC provides enhanced seating as compared to many past Parkers, but it does so without sacrificing much deck space. The aft jump seats are removable so you can still stand all the way back against the transom to fight fish, and the integrated forward lounge seat gets you a 240-quart insulated stowage or fish box. Parker also added in a pair of flanking forward seats in the bow (with removable backrests) as opposed to the single-level elevated foredeck found on some of their older models. Wisely, however, they also offer an adjustable pedestal-mounted bow table. Adjust it to match the forward seat height, leave all the cushions at home in the garage, and you now have an elevated casting deck. Or, load up all those cushions when fishing will take a back seat to joyriding, and the bow becomes an expansive sunpad.

parker 2400cc bow seating
Parker gave the 2400CC flanking bow seats, and a pedestal table can be added to turn the area into a casting platform or sunpad. Photo via Bonita Boat Center.

Parker 2400CC Performance

The 2400CC is available with two power choices, a Yamaha Outboards F250 XCA or a F300 XCB. With maximum power the boat cruises at a hair over 35 mph at 4500 rpm, and hits a top-end in the 49 mph range at full throttle. Added bonus: pull back to 3500 rpm and a cruise in the mid-20s, and you can enjoy getting better than 3.0 mpg. Considering the price at the pump these days, that’s some attractive efficiency for a 24-footer carrying 300 horses.

What about going with the F250, to save a few bucks? Truth be told there’s not a huge price difference (it only shaves a couple thousand dollars off the bottom line) so chances are most of the 2400CCs to leave the Parker factory will have the larger outboard strapped to the transom.

Parker 2400CC Construction

Having built boats since the 60s, Parkers are well known for featuring stout, reliable construction. Fortunately, in this regard the old traditions continue — with some updates. Stem to stern when you check out the hardware you’ll find stainless-steel: cleats, rodholders, cup holders, the anchor roller, the rubrail insert, you name it. Or check out the trim tabs, and note that they’re the self-retracting variety with position indicators. Then take a peek at the T-top pipework, and see that it’s powder-coated.

What you can’t lay eyeball on is the backbone of the boat, which is laid up with foam-cored fiberglass stringers. This is an upgrade from old-school models which had wood-cored stringers, saving weight and eliminating the chance of rot setting in over the years.

parker 2400cc transom area
The seat backs cover transom doors on either side of the motor well, an unusual feature on fishing boats like he 2400CC. Photo via Bonita Boat Center.

Another interesting new tweak can be found at the transom. While the vast majority of the fishing boats out there have a single door in the transom on one side or the other, the 2400CC has doors on both sides. It also has small swim platforms on either side of the outboard. This will make stepping aboard and loading up the boat easier in many mooring situations, since you’ll never have to worry about positioning one side of the boat or the other up against the pier.

So: Are you in search of a new center console fishing boat in the 24-foot range? Do you want a serious fishing machine, but one that also offers perks like copious seating and a comfy helm? If the answers to these questions are a “yes,” then it’s time to take a fresh look at the Parker 2400CC. And we do mean fresh — because this boat redefines what it means to own a Parker.

Parker 2400CC Specifications:

  • Length (LOA): 27’8”
  • Length (hull) 24’0”
  • Beam: 8’6”
  • Weight: 5,600 pounds
  • Draft (motor up): 11”
  • Deadrise (at transom): 17 degrees
  • Max HP: 300
  • Fuel Capacity: 97 gallons

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