Sea Doo FishPro PWC Review

Lots of people are big fans of the fun and adrenaline rush that can be experienced aboard a PWC, and if you also enjoy fishing and want to combine pocket-rocket performance with your piscatorial pursuits, there’s one specific PWC made just for you: the Sea doo FishPro. In the past people customized and retrofitted PWCs with cooler racks, rodholders, and other fishing accessories, but any time you start drilling and bolting you risk devaluing your boat. Get a FishPro, however, and every angling accouterment you could hope for can be factory installed.

sea doo fishpro fishing pwc
The Sea Doo FishPro can be had with fishing features other PWCs simply can’t match. Photo via Cycle Springs Powersports.

FishPro PWC Fishing Accessories

The Sea Doo FishPro is exceptionally well thought out, and incorporates a number of fishing features that would be incredibly difficult to add to a stock PWC. Take the livewell and washdown systems, for example. The 13.5-gallon LinQ fishing cooler has a quick-disconnect fitting that lets you plug in the washdown hose in seconds, providing a constant raw water feed and converting the cooler into a bona fide livewell. Or check out the anchoring system with its own dedicated stowage pocket for the anchor, which is located within reach when seated. Then there’s the 7” Garmin CHIRP fishfinder/chartplotter incorporated into the helm and its in-hull transducer.

What about fishing rod holders? The LinQ cooler has three of them, and you can add more. Plus it incorporates tackle and bait stowage. The most impressive feature of all, however, may be the seating arrangement found on the Trophy model. It has a standard bench seat like the others, but it can be converted into a pedestal swivel seat so you can cast 360-degrees around the PWC in complete comfort.

seadoo fish pro pwc for fishing
The LinQ cooler attaches to the stern of the FishPro and does triple duty as a cooler, livewell, and mounting point for rodholders and tackle stowage. Photo vie Ridenow Powersports.

Sea Doo FishPro Models

The FishPro comes in three different trim levels:

FishPro Scout 130

The Scout version is the base model (and naturally costs the least) and comes with a 6” Garmin ECHOMAP 62cv, the LinQ cooler with rodholders, and a slow-speed trolling mode. Power comes via a 130-hp Rotax 1630 ACE engine and the hull is Sea Doo’s Polytec GTI platform. Note that even this base model also comes with iBR brake and reverse as well as the iDF “debris free” pump system, which allows you to clear the intakes by reversing the jet pump flow if you suck in weeds or other materials that clog them up.

FishPro Sport

Chip in a couple thousand dollars more and you can upgrade to the Sport model. This gets you the base features plus the fiberglass ST3 hull (147” long instead of 131”; beam remains 49”) with an extended rear platform. Thrill seekers will like that it also it boosts the powerplant to a 170-hp engine. Fuel capacity goes up a bit as well, from 15.9 gallons to 18.5.

FishPro Trophy

Up the ante yet again and you can cast from the FishPro Trophy. This top-of-line model starts with the same platform as the Sport but upgrades the cooler to the livewell/washdown version, and upsizes the Garmin to a 7” touchscreen model. It also includes the slick anchoring system, an improved battery system to power all the electrical goodies, and most importantly that cool swivel seat. As one would expect, this version also comes with the more powerful 170-hp engine.

Sea Doo FishPro Performance

sea doo fishpro trophy
Whichever FishPro model you get, you’ll enjoy high-speed performance. Photo via Cycle Springs Powersports.

So, just how fast can the FishPro go? Naturally the Scout model doesn’t get quite as fast as the Sport or Trophy models, but it can still hit the 50-mph mark in good conditions with a single rider — more than enough speed, for most anglers. The larger, more powerful models can run five to eight mph faster, again depending on the conditions and the load.

Note that running with a full cooler or livewell can add a lot of weight to the rig (about 100 pounds when used as a livewell and full of water) and many anglers will also carry piles of fishing gear. So, top speed expectations should be tempered. That said, one of the beautiful things about having a FishPro with the factory-installed angling options is that you can also leave them at home. The LinQ cooler/livewell can be detached from the aft platform, and you can take joyrides, pull tubers, or enjoy some wake-jumping.

Sure, you could take any old PWC and bolt on a cooler holder with a couple of rodholders. But if you want the read deal there’s only one option: get a FishPro. Anglers who love PWC-style thrill-rides, rejoice.

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