Top 10 Center Console Fishing Boat Manufacturers in 2022

Designed from the outset with the sport of fishing in mind, center console boats are a popular choice for both inshore and offshore anglers alike. The helm on these boats is conveniently located in the center of the boat, leaving an open passageway on either side, as well as open bow and stern decks at the front and rear of the vessel making for easy casting and catching. The hull design is typically built to withstand rough waters, making it an ideal boat for ocean fishing.

Today’s top fishing boat manufacturers build center console boats in varying lengths with integrated options such as rod holders, outriggers, bait wells, high-end electronics, hardtops, sunshade structures and high-performance outboard engines.

Here are our picks for the best manufacturers and brands for center console style fishing boats in 2022 (alphabetically listed with no other rank):

Top Center Console Fishing Boat Manufacturers

Top Newcomer Center Console Fishing Boat Manufacturers

Honorable Mention Center Console Fishing Boat Manufacturers

Boston Whaler

Boston Whaler - 170 Montauk Boston Whaler – 170 Montauk. Photo by Boston Whaler.

Known as ‘The Unsinkable Legend,’ Boston Whaler boats can literally be cut in half and still float. A division of the Brunswick Group, Boston Whaler currently makes center console fishing boats ranging from the 13-foot 130 Super Sport all the way up to the giant 420 Outrage. Whether you’re looking for a center console for lake fishing, or running from Florida to the Bahamas and back, Boston Whaler’s diverse line of boats offers options for all budgets.

Boston Whaler’s all-new 420 Outrage was released in late-summer 2021. Whaler’s newest model can be optioned with triple Mercury Marine Verado V-12 600s or quad 450R outboards, ensuring a quick trip to the offshore fishing grounds.

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Contender Boats

Contender 44FA Center Console Boat Contender 44FA Center Console Boat. Photo courtesy of GTB Boat Sales in Key Largo, FL.

Contender is known for fishing first, with a lineup featuring tournament-ready center consoles and “fisharound” boats, to a 25 foot bay boat built for inshore fishing and beyond. From the 24S with forward bench seating to the 44ST with two 55-gallon live wells in the transom, Contender has struck a balance between fishing and family. Contender boats are powered by Yamaha outboard engines from the factory, ranging from 300HP to the 425HP XTOs on larger models.

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Everglades Boats

Everglades 435 Center Console 2020 Everglades 435 Center Console. Photo by Colin Voreis for Boat Trader.

With nine different center console models ranging from the 235CC to the new flagship 455CC, Everglades Boats are all built using their patented RAMCAP construction process that makes them unsinkable. The Everglades lineup also offers three bay boat options, beginning with the popular 243CC, while some boaters opt for the larger 253CC or 273CC models. In total, Everglades offers 10 total models, with six offshore center consoles, three bay boats, and a dual console.

The brand’s new flagship, the 455CC, can be optioned with four Yamaha 425 XTOs. The 455CC was announced in the summer of 2021 and is the longest and widest boat built in the company’s history.

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Freeman Boatworks

Freeman Boatworks - 42LR Freeman Boatworks 42LR. Photo by Freeman Boatworks.

Founded in 2007 in Summerville, S.C., Freeman Boatworks is a relative newcomer to the list. Freeman is focused on building the best performance fishing boats, and has already gained the respect of a laundry list of well-known charter captains from the Carolinas, to Florida and Louisiana. Their big power catamarans are known for conquering the ocean even on her worst day, and for the remarkable ability to hit speeds of 80-plus MPH! From the 34 and 37VH (Vented Hull) models, to the 42 and 47LR (Long Range) models, Freeman has been innovating as fast as anyone in the industry in recent years.

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Grady-White Boats

2020 Grady-White Canyon 456 2020 Grady-White Canyon 456. Photo courtesy of Fish Tale Boats.

Grady-White has been building high-quality center consoles for more than 60 years. The brand has secured numerous innovative patents along the way, including a fold down cockpit step assembly that makes boarding and disembarking easy. Another patent is their offshore-worthy SeaV2 hull, which debuted in 1989. Not only does Grady-White offer an impressive line of center console fishing boats, but it has won the National Marine Manufacturers Association’s award for top customer satisfaction in the category of fiberglass outboard boats for two decades in a row – ever since the awards were first established.

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HCB Yachts

HCB 42 Lujo 2022 HCB 42 Lujo. Photo courtesy of HCB Yachts.

Hydra-Sports Custom Boats, or HCB for short, produces four center console fishing yachts ranging from 39 feet to 65 feet in length. HCB maintains a “no compromises” dedication to detail and quality, and are a brand well regarded by the serious tournament fisherman. HCB manufactures the largest center console boat in the world by length, the 65 foot “Estrella.” HCB’s newest model is the 42 Lujo, which is a redesigned version of the previous 42 Siesta model.

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Invincible Boats

Invincible Boats is one of the rare builders to offer an extended line of both power catamarans and v-hull center consoles. The Invincible fleet has grown to 10 models since the company formed in 2006 (adding one new model since 2021). The Invincible line ranges from the compact 33 foot fishing “V” hull center console to the horizon-crossing 46’ power catamaran and pilothouse. Invincible Boats are outfitted with Yamaha or Mercury power from the factory, and buyers can also opt for a choice of either Garmin or Simrad electronics.

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Pursuit Boats

2020 Pursuit S 408 Center Console 2020 Pursuit S 408 Center Console. Photo courtesy of Strong’s Water Club.

The Pursuit Boats brand manufactures center console fishing style boats from 23 to 43’9″ feet in length. Whether you’re looking for a Center Console or Center Console Sport, Pursuit likely has a model to fit your needs. The brand offers seven total center console options. Pursuit boats are built in Fort Pierce, Florida, with one of the cleanest and most efficient manufacturing facilities in the industry, with a large dealer network in the U.S. and Canada.

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Regulator Boats

2020 Regulator 41 2020 Regulator 41. Photo courtesy of Yacht Works in Key Largo, FL.

The Regulator brand is known as “the legendary ride” and delivers attention to quality and detail in their full line of center console fishing boats – ranging in size from 23 feet to their flagship 41 foot model. In addition to their deep hull, offshore ready center consoles, Regulator also offers a growing line of center console crossovers in the 24XO and 26XO. Regulator was proud to announce their all-new 37 at the 2021 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

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SeeVee Boats

SeaVee Boats - 270Z Bay Boat 2019 SeaVee 270Z. Photo courtesy of a Boat Trader private seller in Fort Myers, FL.

SeaVee opened its brand new manufacturing facility in Miami, Florida in 2020, and builds a wide range of fishing boats. Whether you’re in the market for a bay boat (270z) or a Classic V (290, 320, 340, 390), or willing to step up to the “SeaVee Z” line (322z, 340z, 370z, 390z, 450z), SeaVee Boats is a classic builder that is ready to suit your every need. SeaVee Boats are powered by Mercury outboards from the factory, and also offer an LE (Luxury Edition) upgrade package for fishermen who like to entertain friends and family aboard.

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Center Console Newcomers To The Game

Solace Boats

Solace Boats has “Unleashed a New Era of Boating” with its 345 Center Console. Named the 2019 Boat of the Year and a 2020 NMMA Innovation Award recipient, the Solace line pushed the limits of design and engineering within the boating industry by designing the innovative “fish through” transom.

Solace 415CS Center Console

Solace 415CS, powered by twin inboard Volvo Penta engines. Photo courtesy of Solace Boats and Volvo Penta.

Solace continues innovating, adding a 32CS, 415CS and 41CS to their lineup since 2020. Solace has also announced a smaller 29CS, expected to debut in 2022. The new 415CS is powered by Volvo Penta Twin inboard engines. Released at the 2021 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show and illustrated above, the 415CS puts a new spin on what we have learned to understand as a center console. The open transom area allows for more space for anglers to move without fighting with outboard engines.

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Valhalla Boatworks

Making their world debut at the 2019 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, Valhalla Boatworks, a Viking Yacht Company brand, is making waves within the boating industry. Valhalla’s V Series center consoles consist of three deep-V, stepped monohulls that range from 33 to 46 feet. The V-46 was Valhalla’s new flagship for the 2021 model year, and the company has announced that they’re working now to complete a V-55 model. Valhalla center console boats are powered by Mercury outboards from the factory. With more than 55 years of experience building serious sportfishing yachts, we’re excited to see how Viking and Valhalla will continue to innovate.

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Honorable Mentions

EdgeWater Boats

2020 Edgewater 370 Center Console 2020 EdgeWater 370CC. Photo courtesy of Tom George Yacht Group.

EdgeWater caters to any and every fishing audience. Whether you’re interested in fishing on one of their Heritage models (158CS, 170CC, 188CC, 208CC), or looking to head offshore in one of their Center Console or Yacht models (230CC, 245CC, 262CC, 280CC, 320CC, 340CC, 370CC), EdgeWater has a boat for you. Founded in 1992 by boating industry legend Bob Dougherty (a key player at Boston Whaler and Everglades), EdgeWater has spent the last 30 years developing some of the marine industry’s most advanced structural designs for center console boats. EdgeWater boats are powered by Yamaha outboard engines from the factory.

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Jupiter Boats

2020 Jupiter 34 HFS Center Console Boat 2020 Jupiter 34 HFS Center Console Boat. Photo by Boat Trader.

Jupiter began building boats on the east coast of Florida more than 30 years ago. In recent years, the builder moved to Florida’s west coast and chose Palmetto as their manufacturing location. The brand offers six center console models, ranging from 30 to 43 feet in length. Jupiter’s newest model, the 40 CC, was announced at the 2021 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

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Yellowfin Yachts

2020 Yellowfin 42 2020 Yellowfin 42. Photo courtesy of Atlantic Yacht and Ship, Inc.

Yellowfin offers 14 boat models. Their fleet includes eight center consoles, one skiff model, two hybrid, and three bay boats. Yellowfin’s serious offshore center console fishing boats range from 29 to 54 feet, while the hybrid (26 feet), bay (24 feet) and skiff (17 feet) offer customers the opportunity to fish inshore.

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Twin Vee Boats

Twin Vee is an American power catamaran boat builder based in Fort Pierce Florida that has been designing and building boats for over 25 years. Their line of twin-engine, center console cats starts with the 24-foot 240 CC and goes all the way up to the 360 GF – a boat designed as a tournament fishing vessel with plenty of comfort for friends and family – with a new 40-foot 400 CC GFX expected soon. Twin Vee boats are great-riding, seaworthy vessels for those seeking enough deck space to fish, entertain and cruise without breaking the bank.

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Wrapping Up Best Center Console Manufacturers

As you can see above there is a wide array of high-quality center console fishing boats currently being manufactured with varying capabilities and features, from shallow draft bay boat center consoles to offshore powerhouses. If you’re considering a center console with more of a family focus, learn more about the difference between center consoles and dual consoles. Happy Fishing!

Editor’s Note: This article was first published in March 2018 and last updated in June 2022 to represent the latest models currently available.