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It’s no secret that pontoon boats are uber-popular, and it’s also no wonder why. Modern pontoons are well-built, comfortable, and ideal for lounging or partying. Many also offer rather spectacular performance. And when it comes to luxury on the water, few other types of boats can match a decked-out pontoon. Some, however, are more decked out than others. If you’re interested in finding a pontoon boat that puts the luxe in deluxe, check out these four top contenders:

Avalon Catalina Platinum Funship 27

avalon catalina Platinum Funship 2
What could be better than a luxury pontoon boat equipped with a water slide? Hence, the Avalon Catalina Platinum Funship 27. Photo via Avalon.

What could be more luxurious than taking a dip after relaxing in the sunshine on the upper deck of your pontoon boat? How about slipping and sliding your way from that upper deck into the lake? The Avalon Catalina Platinum Funship 27 features a fully-functional waterslide. On top of that, the boat has a ski tow bar for pulling the kids around on water toys, Matrix 50 Soft Touch vinyl on seats with flow-through ventilation, a standard stereo system, a pop-up changing room, and it can haul a whopping 12 passengers. Even your eyes will feel the extravagance thanks to integrated mood lighting and lighted cupholders.

waterslide pontoon boat avalon
Treat the entire family to fun on the Catalina Platinum Funship 27. Photo via Avalon.

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Bennington QX 30

bennington qx 30 pontoon boat
The Bennington QX line is as refined as pontoon boats come. Photo via Valley Power and Sports.

Bennington gives the QX line a sleek, sporty look by building fiberglass sides rather than mounting an aluminum fence, and inside the QX 30 you’ll find just as much attention has been given to making the interior a case study in indulgence. The stern can be outfitted with a triple-wide swing-back lounger or a set of flanking loungers, either of which will make your Lay-Z-Boy feel like a bed of rocks in comparison. Stereo speakers (all 13 of them!) and cupholders can brighten the night with RGB lighting, power- or gas-assist folding tow arches are available, and upholstery is diamond-stitched with “pillow top” backrests. The base boat pricing starts at over a quarter mil, (you didn’t think luxe surroundings and red-hot performance came cheap, did you?), but that’ll get you your choice between eight different standard embroidery packages, and thanks to the triple 32” ESP Performance Tubes it can handle a whopping 900 horsepower and carry a serious party of up to 20 people.

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Harris Crowne SL270 Twin

harris crowne sl270 pontoon boat
Thrill rides will accompany the luxury on the Harris Crowne SL270. Photo via Marinemax Sarasota.

If performance enters into your luxury equation the Harris Crowne SL270 is a pontoon boat you’ll love. It can carry twin 400-hp Mercury Marine outboards, propelling this sumptuous speedster to over 60-mph. Sure, starting price is over a quarter mil for this one, too, but you get what you pay for and in this case that includes slick gel-coated fiberglass sides instead of fencing, sitting atop a three-log hull designed specifically for twin powerplants. Jazz it up with Joystick piloting and GPS virtual anchoring, an articulating sport arch and top, and the Platinum JL Audio sound system. The SL version features a massive aft triple-wide lounger, as opposed to the DL version which has split loungers to either side in the stern.

helm station harris crowne sl270
Even the captain’s chair aboard the Harris Crowne SL270 is a case-study in luxury. Photo Marinemax Sarasota.

Additional highlights include fold-out arm rests in the couches, 12 different flooring options, and dual UltraLuxe helm seats available with flip-up bolsters. This boat’s built to last, too, with Harris construction touches like wiring run through grommets and connections made with Deutsch waterproof connectors, full-length M-brackets on the pressure-tested tubes, and tongue-and-groove seven-ply marine-grade pressure-treated decking.

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Montara 25 Surf Boss

montara wake surfing pontoon boat
The Montara is designed for pontoon boat lovers in search of the perfect wake surfing experience. Photo via Pinnacle Marine Center.

The Montara is an unusual pontoon boat, powered by a 6.0L or 6.2L inboard PCM engine, equipped with tabs and 4,200 pounds of ballast, and designed to throw massive yet adjustable wakes for serious wake surfing. So in a way, it’s not only a pontoon boat but also a true wake boat. The hull doesn’t have logs like most pontoons, but instead spans the transom more or less like a flat-bottom boat and separates into pontoon-like appendages as you move forward, with each side turning into structures similar to outer logs and the center into a third log.

montara pontoon boat helm station
The latest in touchscreen control is one of the perks you’ll enjoy on the Montara. Photo via Pinnacle Marine Center.

Setting all the uniqueness aside, inside the Montara is as amenity-filled as one could hope for. In the stern cockpit a pair of wrap-around loungers face aft, there are driver’s and passenger’s chairs amidships, and a pair of couches sits up front. The helm features touchscreen controls, a Polk Audio four-zone stereo system, and a rear facing cameras that can be displayed on-screen at dash. See Two Great Pontoon Boats for Wake Surfing in 2022, to learn more details about a couple of wakesports-oriented pontoons.

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You say you’ve checked out all four of these outrageously luxurious pontoon boats, and you’re still not sold? We find that tough to believe. But if you want to check out even more options, be sure to see the Best Pontoon Boats of 2022.