Upgrade Your Boat Sound System with Kicker Marine Audio

As boating enthusiasts, we at Boat Trader understand the importance of a premium sound system to elevate your time on the water. To truly enjoy our best boating days, you’ll want to have the best boat sound system you can afford, right? That’s why we were so thrilled at the recent opportunity to assist a passionate boater in discovering the best sound system for her boat and to document the remarkable transformation that followed during the upgrade process.

Above: Watch a full marine stereo system installation video with Boat Trader and Kicker Marine Audio.

A Stomping Grounds Connection

For this project, we had the pleasure of working with Lisa Almeida, the franchise owner of Freedom Boat Club in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and Julington Creek, to help her enhance her boating experience through a partnership with Kicker Marine Audio. Our journey with Lisa began when we featured her and her neighborhood and boating community in Episode 9 of our travel and boating TV show, “Stomping Grounds” – which was also the official debut of Season Two of the show that features boaters nationwide sharing their stories and why they love their boats.

Lisa Almeida

Above: Lisa “The Boatanista” Almeida – a lifelong Jacksonville boater. Photo by DSV for Boat Trader.

The boating experience in Jacksonville was a blast, and it sparked a great connection with Lisa and her boating friends in Jax. Shortly after the episode aired, we reached out to her again with an exciting proposition. It is this very type connection that is one of the greatest things about boating life and on-the-water culture; we form lasting friendships and deep connections that can often span a lifetime.

Time For A Boat Upgrade!

Godfrey Pontoon Boat

Above: Lisa Almeida’s Godfrey Pontoon boat. Photo by DSV for Boat Trader.

Boat Trader has a special partnership with Kicker Marine Audio, renowned for their exceptional marine audio solutions and some of the best boat speakers and marine audio components on the market. So we approached Lisa with an offer: to upgrade her somewhat tired pontoon boat with a state-of-the-art sound system provided by Kicker Marine Audio. Without hesitation, Lisa eagerly accepted our proposal, recognizing the incredible opportunity to enhance the boating experience for herself and fellow boaters in her community.

Daddy O’s: Authorized Kicker Marine Dealer

To bring this vision to life, we wasted no time. Our team at Boat Trader, along with Kicker Marine Audio, headed to Lisa’s house to collect her boat. We then transported it to Daddy O’s, an authorized dealer of Kicker Marine Audio in Jacksonville, Florida.

Marilyn DeMartini and Anthony Andy Hooks

Above: Marilyn DeMartini with Boat Trader and Anthony “Andy” Hooks, a Kicker Marine Audio installer for Daddy O’s, an authorized dealer for the audio company. Photo by DSV for Boat Trader.

At Daddy O’s, Andy, a seasoned professional with 16 years of sound system installation experience, took charge of the transformation. Selecting the right sound system for a boat upgrade can be a daunting task. That’s why we entrusted Andy with the responsibility of guiding Lisa through the process.

Choosing The Right Sound System And Components

His first step was to assess the boat and understand Lisa’s preferences. Andy’s expertise and knowledge led him to recommend Kicker Marine Audio as the ideal choice. Their commitment to quality and a wide range of products made them the perfect fit for Lisa’s boat.

Marine Amplifier For Boat Sound System by Kicker Marine Audio

Above: Wiring a Kicker Marine amplifier for a boat sound system. Photo by DSV for Boat Trader.

Head Unit, 4 Speakers, 12″ Subwoofer, 5-Channel Amp

Andy’s installation process included replacing the boat’s stock components. This involved upgrading the head unit and replacing all four speakers. To truly amplify the audio experience, a 12-inch subwoofer and a five-channel amp were also installed. With these additions, the boat’s sound system would deliver impressive bass and crystal-clear audio.

Installing Subwoofer On Boat

Above: Anthony Hooks installs a Kicker Marine Audio 12″ subwoofer on a Godfrey Pontoon boat. Photo by DSV for Boat Trader.

4-Gauge Oxygen-Free Copper Marine-Grade Wires

To ensure optimal performance and durability, Andy utilized Kicker’s proprietary wire system. He ran Kicker’s 4-gauge oxygen-free copper marine-grade wire throughout the boat, including the speakers, power wires, and RCAs. This comprehensive upgrade enhanced the audio quality and signal transmission, providing a premium audio experience on the water.

Wiring A Boat Sound System

Above: Andy Hooks soldering some wires while wiring a new Kicker Marine Audio sound system. Photo by DSV for Boat Trader.

Waterproof Coatings And Wire Mounts

Kicker Marine Audio’s commitment to durability is unparalleled. Their products are meticulously designed and constructed to withstand the challenges of the marine environment. From their waterproof equipment coatings to their watertight wire mountings, Kicker ensures that their products are built to last.

Cutting A New Hole For Head Unit

Installing Head Unit

Andy Hooks installing the Kicker Marine Audio head unit in the dashboard of a Godfrey Pontoon boat. Photo by DSV for Boat Trader.

The installation process required some modifications to the boat. Andy cut an additional hole to accommodate the free air subwoofer, providing flexibility for placement options. Additionally, a new helm plate was fabricated to seamlessly integrate the upgraded head unit. This aspect showcased the importance for having a professional installer do the work, although if you are handy with die grinder or cutting tool you may be able to do this on your own, provided you have the necessary experience, tools and skills. He then sanded the hole down smooth and finalized the dashboard integration.

Ready To Hit The Water

After a day of meticulous work, Andy completed the installation with utmost satisfaction. Our crew was thrilled with the results and couldn’t wait to unveil Lisa’s upgraded boat to her back at her house. The following day, we returned Lisa’s boat, and her excitement was palpable. She was eager to hit the water and experience the incredible sound system firsthand with a group of friends.

Lisa Almeida with Kids On Boat Dancing

Above: Lisa Almeida with dancing kids on her Godfrey Pontoon boat enjoying the new Kicker Marine Audio sound system. Photo by DSV for Boat Trader.

With the whole gang joining and jumping aboard her boat, Lisa was ready to create new unforgettable moments fueled by rocking sound tracks. The Kicker Marine Audio system transformed her pontoon boat into a next level party pontoon, complete with an immersive audio experience that would have everyone dancing and enjoying their favorite tunes.

The Importance Of Music On A Boat

At Boat Trader, we understand the importance of music on the water. A great summer boating playlist can set the mood, enhance the atmosphere and add an extra dimension to boating adventures. With Kicker Marine Audio, Lisa’s boat now boasted a sound system that was second to none, delivering powerful, clear, and dynamic audio that would captivate everyone on board.

Kids Dancing On Boat

Above: A group of kids enjoy the brand new premium sound system from Kicker Marine Audio onboard Lisa Almeida’s Godfrey Pontoon boat. Photo by DSV for Boat Trader.

If you’re looking to revitalize your boating experience, we highly recommend considering Kicker Marine Audio as the company offers some of the world’s best top-of-the-line sound systems for boats that have all been designed specifically for the marine environment. Discover the joy of boating accompanied by an extraordinary audio experience and get ready to dance, relax and embark on unforgettable adventures with the perfect soundtrack provided by Kicker Marine Audio. Let the music be your companion on every voyage, creating memories that will last a lifetime!