Welcome Back to the Water: Local Perspectives on Southwest Florida’s Boating Resurgence

As the winds of change swept through Southwest Florida with Hurricane Ian, the boating community experienced significant impacts. However, amidst the challenges, a remarkable transformation has occurred.

We are excited to introduce our new interview series, “Welcome Back to the Water,” where we dive into the experiences of longtime boaters in Southwest Florida. Join us as we explore how boating conditions have vastly improved after Hurricane Ian’s passing, celebrating the boating community’s resilience and the restoration of our beloved waters.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, Southwest Florida’s boaters faced daunting hurdles. But true to their spirit, they persevered. In this interview series, we meet experienced local boaters who have witnessed the changes firsthand. They share their stories of resilience and the journey toward revitalizing the boating community.

Our interviews shed light on the extensive efforts to restore the boating conditions and discover the collective determination and hard work that made Southwest Florida’s waters navigable again. From the debris cleanup to the restoration of damaged infrastructure, these boaters witnessed the transformation firsthand.

To ensure that these stories reach a wider audience, our “Welcome Back to the Water” interview series will be featured on social media platforms. Join the conversation, engage with fellow boaters, and spread positivity as we celebrate the return of boating in Southwest Florida.

Remember, the water has always been our sanctuary; now, it welcomes us back with open arms.