World Cat 400 CC-X: Dream Big

You say you love the smooth power catamaran ride, you want a boat big enough to take out a huge crew, and you’d like an angling platform that also offers a heaping helping of comfort? You’ll discover plenty of big, bodacious cats on today’s market, but you’ll also discover that most are hardcore angling machines that don’t always pay much attention to all the aspects of family and pleasure boating. Then, you’ll discover the World Cat 400 CC-X. Here’s a quick peek at the boat on video.

World Cat 400 CC-X Design

The biggest difference between this boat and most of the other 40-footers out there is, of course, the nature of its hull. Like all World Cats this one rides on a pair of planing V-bottoms, with a tunnel that creates an air/water slurry as the boat moves forward. The tunnel narrows as you go aft to compress the air and form a cushion, softening impacts as the boat hits waves. It’s a huge comfort boost, but it also provides significantly better efficiency and results in a 40-foot platform that can stay on plane at surprisingly low speeds — all the way down to around 18 mph.

world cat 400 cc-x power catamaran
Thw twin hulls of the World Cat 400 CC-X deliver a better ride than the average boat. Photo via World Cat of South Florida and Naples.

If you’re familiar with today’s cats you probably already have a good idea of just how much better the ride can be compared to most monohulls. And you probably also know that most of the big fishing powercats being built today are center consoles, as is the 400 CC-X. Like those competitors, this one features open fore and aft cockpits for fishing and a console with a head compartment. It also has the forward console lounger common to this genre, which is the one tip of the hat most similar designs make to comfort. The 400 CC-X offers up a nifty tweak, however, which isn’t seen on competitors. The company calls it their “Cat Track” seating, found in the bow. In its initial form you have an open bow cockpit with U-shaped seating. The loungers on either side, however, are utterly transformational. Pull up the latches securing them in place, give a push, and they slide in to meet in the center and turn into a bow coffin-box arrangement. Then lift out the backrests and you have four rocket launchers along the back plus four more along each side.

world cat 400 cc-x bow
The bow arrangement in the World Cat 400 CC-X transforms between fishing mode and boating mode. Photos via World Cat of South Florida and Naples.

World Cat 400 CC-X Family Features

That bow setup is a nifty way to transition the boat back and forth between cocktail cruiser and battlewagon. And what’s more, when you add in the forward console lounger, helm, and aft seats, this boat has seating for no less than 20 people to kick back in comfort. Additional family and luxury perks include a forward-access console door for easy entry into the head, a vanity with freshwater sink and countertop, transom and side doors with boarding lights, triple helm chairs and an aft-facing mezzanine-style seat in the leaning post, USB ports at the helm, and a Bluetooth stereo system including speakers with RGB lighting.

head in world cat 400 ccx
The front-opening head compartment door on the 400 CC-X makes for easy access. Photo via World Cat of South Florida and Naples.

World Cat 400 CC-X Fishing Features

Rodholders? You want lots and lots and lots of rodholders? We took a count when we saw the 400 CC-X at the Miami International Boat Show and discovered holders and racks for 53 different rods. Just as important, many of those racks are in enclosed locking compartments. Between the rodbox in the bow and those integrated into the forward gunwales, you can lock away 17 rigs when you go home for the work week.

world cat 400 cc-x
You like hauling lots of rods? That is not a problem aboard the World Cat 400 CC-X. Photo via Private Seller.

Fish stowage is another high point on the 400 CC-X. There’s a pair of huge 154-gallon in-deck boxes in the bow and a pair of 115-gallon in-deck fishboxes aft, all evacuated by Gulper pumps, plus the coffin boxes built into the forward seating. You could catch a limit of yellowfin tuna, add in a pair of swordfish, then start stacking up the mahi-mahi, and you’ll never come close to running out of room.

fishbox in world cat 400 cc-x
The bow fishboxes are big enough to take a nap in. Literally. Photo via Lenny Rudow.

Additional fishing features include an aquarium-style livewell in the starboard transom, a rigging station in the port side, a raw water washdown, and reams of tackle stowage in the leaning post. We particularly like that World Cat pays attention to some of the finer touches other builders sometimes miss, like lining the gunwale racks with padding so your reels don’t whack fiberglass, and adding linered ports in the hard top for placing tall rods in the console rodholders.

World Cat 400 CC-X Performance

The 400 CC-X can be powered with either twin engines or quads. And with the least-powerful package, a pair of Yamaha Outboards F425s, performance is surprisingly peppy. Cruising speeds are in the mid-30s and top-end pushes the 50 mph mark. World Cat will also rig this boat with the new Mercury Marine Verado V-12 600-hp outboards, which take cruise into the upper 30s and top-end to the upper 50s. Or, you could opt for four F300s on the transom. Top speed still sits in the upper 50s, but the 4500 rpm cruise jumps up into the mid-40s.

world cat 400 cc-x with quad outboards
Would you rather have twins or quads? On the World Cat 400 CC-X the choice is yours. Photo via Unique Marine.

World Cat 400 CC-X Specifications

  • Length Overall: 39’8”
  • Beam: 12’8”
  • Weight: 14,500 lbs.
  • Draft (min.): 1’9”
  • Max HP: 1,200
  • Transom Deadrise: NA
  • Fuel Capacity: 604 gal.
  • Water Capacity: 30 gal.

You want a feline that’s both ferocious at the fishing grounds and friendly to the family? If so, you may soon be listening to the purr of a World Cat 400 CC-X.

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