Yamaha Introduces New 22 Foot Jet Boats

Yamaha, the industry leader in jet boats and the builder of some of the most popular runabouts in the 20- to 24-foot range, has introduced an all-new 22-foot model line for the 2023 season. This new platform is nine inches longer and has four additional inches of freeboard at the bow as compared to the 21-footers being replaced. Power comes from a pair of twin Yamaha TR-1 HO and 1.8L HO waterjet engines, the Connext helm control system is right-justified, and wireless chargers at the helm and port consoles are included as a standard feature. The lineup includes seven models in all:

yamaha sx220
The new model line begins with the Yamaha SX220. Photo via McMillan Marine.

Yamaha SX220

The SX220 is a straightforward bowrider runabout, and is Yamaha’s lowest-cost 22 in the new lineup with a starting MSRP slightly over $52,000 for a complete package including a trailer. It’s important to note that the base boat isn’t a “stripped” model by any measure. It includes a number of items many manufacturers would consider optional equipment, like a Bimini top, the Connext touchscreen display, the two wireless phone chargers, a stereo system with four Polk speakers, snap-in marine woven floor mat, a removable dinette table, and a tilt steering wheel. Power comes via the twin TR-1 1049cc engines.

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yamaha AR220
The AR220 gets a tower added for more towed watersports fun. Photo via Sizzle Marine.

Yamaha AR220

At the same basic trim level as the SX220, the AR220 is targeted to those who want more of a watersports boat. Like the SX220 it has the basic necessities including a tow hook, ski locker, windshield mirror, and swim platform with a telescopic ladder. But it also boasts one big feature you’ll love for tow sports: a folding aluminum wakeboarding tower. Board racks for the tower are an available option. Getting the tower-equipped boat raises cost by a few thousand dollars.

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yamaha 222s
Step up the power and performance with the 222s. Photo via Cycle Springs Powersports.

Yamaha 222S

Jumping up in trim level, power, and price (MSRP climbs to a hair over the $70,000 mark) the 222S is rigged with Yamaha’s more potent 1812cc 1.8L HO engines. It also features a larger touchscreen, going from a five-inch to a seven-inch Connext display. Two additional stereo speakers plus a stern remote stereo control, upgraded upholstery, a second battery, and docking lights plus an underwater light are added. It also comes with the wakeboard tower as a standard feature.

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yamaha 222se
More bigger better upgrades come along with the 222SE. Photo via Riva Motorsports and Marine.

Yamaha 222SE

The 222SE builds on the 222S with yet more upgrades, including a much larger 12.3” touchscreen Connext and push-button start/stop, and a different gel coat color scheme. Price gets bumped up as well, but only slightly.

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yamaha 222sd
Rigged with the DRiVE system, the 222SD is at the top of the model line. Photo via Highway Marine Services.

Yamaha 222SD

At the very top of the model line, the 222SD adds in Yamaha’s “DRiVE” system. This adds a set of paddles to the steering wheel to aid in slow-speed maneuvering around docks and piers. The right paddle controls forward thrust and the left paddle controls reverse, and when DRiVE is in use the steering wheel’s range of motion is reduced. This allows the captain to make small adjustments to the paddles and wheel to fine-tune the boat’s position. We’ve tested DRiVE and found that it takes some getting used to, as it’s a completely different way of controlling the boat. That said, it does allow for more refined handling and making smaller incremental adjustments in the boat’s position. We’d recommend taking a DRiVE-equipped boat for a spin to see if you, personally, find the system intuitive and useful. Jumping up to the 222SD from the SE model adds around $4,000 to the MSRP.

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Another feature which can be added to all of five of the above runabout models is Yamaha’s “Swim Up” seating. A pair of removable seats set below water level can be attached at the transom, for in-the-water lounging. Yamaha also offers some enhancements for those interested in wake surfing. There are ballast kits with cells designed to fit inside the stern platform seating which can add up to 360 pounds of ballast to the boat, and a removable “WakeBooster” wake-enhancing plate that creates a cleaner wave for surfing and can be mounted or removed without additional tools while the boat’s in the water.

yamaha wake series 222xe
If you take watersports seriously, the Wake Series 222XE may be your model of choice. Photo via Riva Motorsports of Miami.

Yamaha Wake Series 222XE

In addition to the runabouts, Yamaha offers the 22-footer in two specific models with the features and attributes for wake surfing, starting with the 222XE. This is a top-trim model with a jazzed-up stereo system including tower speakers plus tower board racks, a 1,100-pound ballast system, and an integrated electrically-deployed WakeBooster.

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yamaha wake series 222xd
The Wake Series 222XD is as awesome as it gets. Photo via Jet Ski of Miami.

Yamaha Wake Series 222XD

The Wake Series 222XD represents the 22-foot platform in fully loaded form, adding the DRiVE system to the wake surfing features of the XE model. As such it’s also the most-costly model in this mix, with an MSRP of $85,899.

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Yamaha 22 Jet Boat Specifications

  • Length: 22’0”
  • Beam: 8’6”
  • Weight: 3,475 to 4,191 pounds (depending on model)
  • Draft: 1’7”
  • Fuel Capacity: 70 gallons
  • Maximum capacity: 10 passengers
  • Transom deadrise: 20 degrees

Yamaha’s midsize jet boats have proven to be some of the most popular boats on the water, featuring a comfortable interior with an excellent fit and finish, sporty handling, and ideal designs for multi-activity fun on the water. The new 22-foot series strikes us as no exception, and we’d expect to see many of them out on the nation’s lakes, bays, and rivers in the coming years.